More on “Why me”, and feminism, etc

I’ve been reading articles where the topics mentioned are feminism and why spirits choose us. I thought I’d address both topics in one post. Besides, I think both topics are related in a way.

When it comes to feminism, it’s just a simple and simplistic hate movement. It’s feeds on unfocused anger at men in general. Because of this, it goes nowhere. All a man has to do is calmly turn around and walk away from them and let them stew in their own rage. And walking away is not something these “women” tolerate very well. How they hate being ignored. And how they hate being reminded that everything they have is thanks to men. They really hate that. The truth hurts. Without us, they live in caves and mud huts. Do these feminists appreciate what we give them?

The truth is that feminism set men free, not women. Now that their behavior is out in the open and is sanctioned by the government, we see them as they really are.

Other than for reproduction, women aren’t needed anymore to carry on the human race. Marriage is certainly not needed anymore, and the rates are declining as more men wake up to the risks involved in marrying one of these monsters. And when men invent a way to reproduce without women, then what will they do? Their incessant nagging will help them I’m sure… We men just love bitches bitching. It is a guaranteed way for women to get what they want. See what feminism got you, “ladies”?

Their reason for nagging men is because they want something from men, and when men don’t give in to their silly little insane demands  then it makes their nagging rage even more comical. “Me me me! GIMME GIMME GIMME you useless man!!111 RAPE! RAAAAPE!!!! Why won’t anyone MARRY MEEEEeee! Patriarchy! PATRIARCHY! I’m being oppressed!” And that reminds me of something comical:

Have I made myself clear? Perhaps I beat around the bush too much and need to be more blunt?

Now, does anyone have a spirit companion that is a feminist? Anyone at all?

Do you see why feminists co-opted Lilith for their own purposes? How they turned Her into a man-hating shrew? If that was the case, why do some of us have Her Daughters as spirit lovers? Why did they come to us evil men that only want to enslave women in our Secret Society Patriarchy (shhhhh! maybe I said too much?)  After all, a hot young woman that isn’t barefoot, cooking and cleaning up my messes and pregnant is pretty much useless… That’s what they think, so why not let these feminists think this way? Let them enjoy the misery they have created for themselves.

And that brings me to “Why me”.

Well, why not me?

They see the Real Us, whereas we don’t have much of a clue as to what the Real Us even is. We live in very limiting circumstances and have no idea how powerful we really are, but they know. And if we are evolving spiritually, then isn’t to fair to say that they are also evolving? We help each other? It’s not a matter of “I’m only a human, and not a particularly good looking one at that.” That is just our temporary shell.


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2 more sites on calling spirits

Thanks to senlinsays for this one:

Here’s another one I found: It is a 4 part article

Hope that helps


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Occult forums suck

Or, at least the ones I’ve found do.

From what I can tell, at least 90% of the posters don’t actually do anything. All they do is ask stupid questions to a post that is plainly written by someone that evidently knows what he or she is talking about. “What if I do this? What if I do that? Do I need this? Do I need that? What would happen if _____ ?”And on and on and on…. and on.

Why? Are they afraid and think they might miss an Extremely Important Detail that can mean the difference between spectacular success and horrible disaster?

Or, some of them still haven’t figured out how to use google. So they will ask “How do I find Bael’s sigil? Is He a good demon for beginners to work with? How do I evoke Him? Will He help me get laid? Because I really want to get laid…”

I understand a board can’t succeed without traffic, but they are getting the wrong kind of traffic. And I don’t see how they can get the right kind of traffic if they let the do-nothings access to the board to post their idiotic questions.

I guess it’s like anything else occult related. One must wade thru shit to find the occasional pearl.

I remember a board I was  a part of years ago that dealt with chemistry / explosives synthesis (Hello, NSA lying douchebags). I didn’t understand most of it so I didn’t post, I just lurked. They would ban you for a simple typo. Maybe this needs to be applied to occult forums.


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Truth shall not make you free

John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

That is a lie. It is a favorite lie of christianity. Christians constantly misuse that word “truth”. They also constantly misuse that word “free”. It’s Orwellian doublespeak, really.

Truth will not set you free. It is doubt that sets you free. It is doubt that means you even have the ability to think for yourself, and if you have the strength it then forces you to think for yourself. But if you think you already have the truth, then there is nothing more to be said. One cannot argue with truth. Discussion is impossible. And all growth stops.

Doubt sets people free, and truth enslaves.

In writing a blog on interacting with spirits, or on Satanism in general, I understand how someone can doubt what I (and others) write about. That doesn’t bother me. But question a christians “truth” and see what kind of reception you get.

They can get quite emotional about it, to the point where I can see them burning people alive today if they still had the political power to do so. This is why it is imperative to keep them away from all political power. They are making one last grasp at this power in the US, because they know if they don’t succeed this time they will lose ALL political power. This scares them to death. They are spoiled brats that KNOW they are on the way out and will no longer get their way, and are going to great lengths in attempting to instill fear in their flocks. Will they succeed?


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Letter Of Intent – How To Summon A Succubus/Incubus

I’ve been given some thought about doing a post about this for some time now, and here it is. Spirits and entities under the influence of Lilith, Naamah, Agrat bat Mahlat or Eisheth Zenunim c…

Source: Letter Of Intent – How To Summon A Succubus/Incubus

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2 more new blogs

Welcome to our network!

It’s really good to see how this network has grown. In the beginning there were only 4 of us that I knew of.


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New Blog

I hope you write some more.


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Temporal Chameleon is back

It’s good to see him writing again!

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On leadership

I posted this on my other blog, but this one has more subscribers and maybe this might help someone.

old soul ramblings

Inspired by this post: The death that awaits establishment

It’s a good article and should be read.

I think people have a warped view on what leadership really is. Too many see a leader as being dictatorial. The “my way or the highway” type isn’t going to get very far. He or she is going to be miserable. People will be plotting their destruction. That is no way to live.

I have led people in a business before, Not many people, less than 10. But the numbers don’t matter much because the same principles apply without any regard to the number of people being led.

The following are my opinions, based on what I have learned.

  •  The primary job of a leader is to find and develop talent.

I want to find people that have the potential to do a better job than I can do. I want someone that can…

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A possible warning and premonition of an earthquake

31 minutes ago
ok a serious question now…
couple of hours ago after she did her succubus stuff on me and i was relaxing i think i felt her hand of her fingers on my forehead in the left part doing something and it felt really cold
and by stuff i mean i felt adrenaline a bit of fear and i think she calmed me down i couldnt move at all my whole body was like i drank rocket fuel and i was ready to go in orbit…
after that i fell a sleep or trance or daydreamed cant say but it was really quick like in 2mins from the moment i felt that on my forehead i saw something about an earthquake happening while i was with her(?)
is that normal things they do to check us out or should i be worried?(given that every time in my life i see an earthquake in my dreams they actually happen after some days….

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