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OK, I admit it. It is an unusual topic. Spirit sex. Who ever heard of such a thing? How does that even work?

I have a spirit lover / succubus / sex demon for 2 years now. I’ll go over how we met, later.

What does the word “demon” mean to you?

Does it make you think of ugly, vicious, violent beings that are just looking for a reason to destroy you? Or perhaps they hate you simply because you’re human and don’t really need any other reason to destroy you?

We live in a culture that is primarily xian. It is therefore natural for people to think this way.

But today you will learn something new.

I’m in my late 40’s. This is the cliff notes version. You don’t want to read a book, do you?

I was raised in the typical protestant christian household. It wasn’t a strict xian upbringing. I went to church, Sunday school, etc, like most other small town kids.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear is that my experiences that I describe may or may not match your experiences. So please do not depend on my experiences to validate your experiences. There may be similarities, but there will probably be differences too.

How to make the mirror.

You need 1 picture frame, with glass and cardboard backing.
Glossy Black enamel spray paint
Some newspaper


Before any sex happened, there were some things that needed to happen first.

I remember reading THIS

The best meditation aid I have found

I have been working with self-hypnosis /meditation for some time now. They are on MP3s that I have scavenged from various sites. Some are more effective than others.

HERE is one I made myself.

These are my own personal experiences. Will there be similarities and differences with others experiences? Yes. I’ll say it again: Do not use my experiences (or anyone elses experiences) to validate your own experiences. That is an important point.

With the advent of the internet, it seems that everyone wants to be seen as an expert. It doesn’t matter in what area, but in this instance I will focus  on occult literature in general and sex demons in particular.


  • Psychic or Telepathic Gleanings From My Succubus Wife: (I give this information without explaining it. I feel that if I add further to these intuitive topics or messages that my wife has sent me, that it will spoil what she has been trying to convey to me.)

This is just an idea I had about 5 minutes ago, and I decided to document it.

Suppose there was this rascally Satanic coven that decided they were sick and tired of xian crap, being disturbed by jesus peddlers ringing the doorbell, being told how they must live their lives, being general pains in the ass, etc.

In the beginning, especially if you’re like me and you don’t do a ritual, you will have doubts about the existence of these sex spirits. You will not know what’s going on. You will feel things, sense things, hear things that have no real discernible source. You will then assign a source by  thinking it’s all in your mind. You will think that there is something wrong with your body because you’re feeling these touches and sexual ecstasy.

I’m still not sure how or why my demon lover came to me. Perhaps it was because it was meant to happen. When I say it was meant to happen, I mean it happened due to laws and principles of which I remain unaware.

temporalchameleon made an interesting comment  on THIS post.

I think you might want to be more tactful when addressing Christians. I agree with you 100% about your conclusions, but just be mindful that there are a few Christians who have these spirits as well. (

  • Is moon phase important?

Since we have had a new moon, sex has been less intense. I can still feel her presence, and her touches.

There have been times where this has happened, but I never tried to match it to a moon phase. I don’t know if it’s cyclic or random.

A cat is evil incarnate… to a mouse.

Does that mean that we are like mice and spirits are like cats? Are we at their mercy?

If you have been raised in one of the abrahamic “faiths”, you probably believe we are at the spirits mercy, and without some “divine” protection we would be destroyed.

If you have a spirit lover, are you honest with him/her only because he/she can (probably) read your mind and know your motives?

This requires some thoughtful reflection, because the immediate and conscious answer will probably be “no”, when the real answer may be “yes”.

When you think of Satan and Satanism, what is the first thing that crosses your mind?

Is it some murderer like Richard Ramirez? He claimed to be a Satanist.

Perhaps it is some death metal band?


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