As the password has changed my life

SOURCE From a Russian website, translated into english via google translate


“How could she do this to me?” – I asked myself. Every day. All the time.

In 2011, when there were popular gradients, and Ai-OS will set the direction in design and people use deodorant, I was depressed because of his divorce.

Fortunately, I was resourceful enough to get out of it. (I also helped wonderful people around me.)

Once I got to the office and looked at his monitor. Everything was cool, until I saw this post:

Your password has expired.
Click the “Change Password” to change your password.

Come on! And I thought the button “Change password” is for something else.

I read this stupid message to myself grouchy old man’s voice: “Devil’s password has expired.”

At my work Microsoft Exchange Server required to change your password every 30 days, thousands of employees.

It was complete nonsense: it was necessary to use a password at least one uppercase letter, at least one lower case letter, at least one symbol and at least one number. The total number of characters needed to be greater than eight. And I could not enter a password, which is used in the last three months.

I was furious this morning at 9:40 am Tuesday. The street was so hot that I was sweating before I start work. I was late. I was still in his helmet. I forgot to eat breakfast. In the mouth, the taste was reminiscent of a cigarette. I had to deal with this before the meeting at 10:00. Ahead of me was expecting the need to spend on it a lot of their time.

So this was it – the input field with a flashing carriage, waiting until I come up with a password that will be used for the next 30 days and enter it again and again several times a day.

Soon, a little calmer, I remembered the method that heard from his former boss Rasmus. He combined list with passwords. And I decided to use an expanded version of this method.

I decided to use a password to change your life.

I could not concentrate on achieving their goals with the current way of life and attitude. Sure, there were signs that I need to do to regain control over their lives, but we often do not pay attention to these tips.

My password has become such a pointer. He reminded me that I should not become a victim of the recent unpleasant situation and I’m pretty strong, that would overcome this.

And I put the password Forgive @ h3r (forgive her).

At the meeting I was still thinking about what I just did. My face broke into a smile.

During the week-long stay I had to enter the password a few times a day. Every time my computer was locked. Whenever the monitor displays a picture of her. Every time I came back from lunch one.

In my head it sounded like a mantra: I did not enter a password, I reminded myself to forgive her.

All this has changed my attitude to his former wife. It constantly reminds me that I have to forgive her. I accepted what happened to my marriage. I have a new way to deal with depression, which I was.

In the following days my mood has improved significantly. But by the end of the second week I noticed that the password has become less effective, and he began to lose effect. Helped me improve the current mantra, now she was: “I forgive her every time I enter the password.” Curative effect almost immediately returned.

A month later, dear Microsoft Exchange Server again asked me to change my password. I thought about what goal is to reach further.

I put a password Quit @ smoking4ever (permanently stop smoking).

Guess what happened. Honestly say, I quit smoking overnight. I have a bunch of witnesses who could not believe how I did it. I read the book, used the electronic cigarettes, patches, etc. Nothing worked, but this method worked.

This password was not easy to write a whole month, but it helped me to reach itself. This motivated me to achieve my goals this month.

A month later, I put the password Save4trip @ thailand (save up for a trip to Thailand).

Guess where I went through 3 months. Yes, in Thailand.

Thank you, your password.

The realization that these instructions and reminders to help me each month to reach your goal, motivates and excites me. Sometimes it is difficult to decide on the next target. Sometimes it is hard to understand that we need to change and in what direction to move.

So I realized that I could really change your life, if properly set itself the goal. I keep doing it again and again, month after month, and I have great results.

Here are some passwords that I have used for the last two years. From them you can get an idea of ​​how my life has changed because of this method.

Forgive @ her (just her) ← devoted ex-wife, it all started
Quit @ smoking4ever (Forever quit) ← worked
Save4trip @ thailand (Save up for a trip to Thailand) ← worked
Eat2times @ day (there are two times a day) ← not work, remained in the body
Sleep @ before12 (Going to sleep up to 12) ← worked
Ask @ her4date (Invite her out) ← worked. I fell in love again
No @ drinking2months (Do not drink 2 months) ← worked. I feel great
MovE @ togeth3r (Start living as a couple) ← worked
Get @ c4t! (Adopt a cat) ← worked. We have a wonderful cat.
Facetime2mom @ sunday (Talking with my mother every Sunday through FeysTaym) ← worked. I talk to my mom every week.

Now is this password:

Save4 @ ring (save up for a ring) ← Life is about to change again

I’m still excited to see the new moon to come up with a new password that will motivate me to reach my goal.

This method has helped me the last 2 years and I shared it with close friends and relatives. I do not think it’s some sort of breakthrough, but it had a cool impact on my life, so I decided to share them with you.

Try it! Choose your goals properly, take them seriously and you can change your life. Share their experiences with me!

Do not forget to use complex passwords for security. Add to it at least one character or digit, do not make it short, mix words in a sentence. S4f3ty_f1rst! (Safety first!)

Share method with those he can help.



6 responses to “As the password has changed my life

  1. Loose Cannon

    July 30, 2014 at 11:12 am

    This can easily be adapted, and adopted, by those that work with computers.

    One way is to set up a password protected screen saver.

  2. chef1964

    July 30, 2014 at 11:49 am

    Interesting, to say the least. My take? It’s kind of like doing affirmations after you set your intention. By the way, I’ve been spending some time reading through Magick of Thought )linked in your log roll). Very interesting, as well.

    • Loose Cannon

      July 30, 2014 at 3:14 pm

      I’m doing this now.
      I’ve always heard that goals must be written down or it ends up as a waste of time and effort. This is before I even started to learn about magical principles. And since I spend most of my time on computers, with enough time here and there to start the screensaver / password several times, I’ll post results on this page.

  3. jillapa

    July 30, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    what is the current password then ?? :O

  4. JewsusChrist

    July 31, 2014 at 8:01 am

    This (or another) method isn’t a cure itself. You can do anything you like. And something works for one person, but doesn’t work for another. So, do not be so hasty in creating passwords, make your own magic.
    cap obvious

    • Loose Cannon

      July 31, 2014 at 8:25 am

      All true.

      But it is an interesting technique for those that work with computers. It basically forces a person to use their statement (or stare at the screensaver all day). Or writing it on a piece of paper several times a day, which is easily ignored, delayed, or forgotten.


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