Temporal Chameleon is back

It’s good to see him writing again!

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On leadership

I posted this on my other blog, but this one has more subscribers and maybe this might help someone.

old soul ramblings

Inspired by this post: The death that awaits establishment

It’s a good article and should be read.

I think people have a warped view on what leadership really is. Too many see a leader as being dictatorial. The “my way or the highway” type isn’t going to get very far. He or she is going to be miserable. People will be plotting their destruction. That is no way to live.

I have led people in a business before, Not many people, less than 10. But the numbers don’t matter much because the same principles apply without any regard to the number of people being led.

The following are my opinions, based on what I have learned.

  •  The primary job of a leader is to find and develop talent.

I want to find people that have the potential to do a better job than I can do. I want someone that can…

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A possible warning and premonition of an earthquake

31 minutes ago
ok a serious question now…
couple of hours ago after she did her succubus stuff on me and i was relaxing i think i felt her hand of her fingers on my forehead in the left part doing something and it felt really cold
and by stuff i mean i felt adrenaline a bit of fear and i think she calmed me down i couldnt move at all my whole body was like i drank rocket fuel and i was ready to go in orbit…
after that i fell a sleep or trance or daydreamed cant say but it was really quick like in 2mins from the moment i felt that on my forehead i saw something about an earthquake happening while i was with her(?)
is that normal things they do to check us out or should i be worried?(given that every time in my life i see an earthquake in my dreams they actually happen after some days….

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Shaman overtone singing

I recall some subscribers that are interested in the shamanic path. This comes from the Republic of Khakassia in Siberia.

Here is the article this came from

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How I understand light and darkness.

I posted this on my other blog, but repost it here because it fits the theme of this blog too.

Beware of anything that is handed to you on a silver platter.

In this culture, or perhaps in the entire world, darkness is equated with “evil” and “deception” and light is seen as being “good” and “truth”. Needless to say, I disagree.

Perhaps a key to understanding this is the misuse of the word “truth”. Christians misuse that word constantly. They already have the truth and are therefore good and in the light. Everyone else is deceived and therefore evil and living in darkness. That’s how the immature and fearful fundamentalists see it.

I, as a Satanist, know that truth is like a distillation process. It is refined, over time and with experience, and in my opinion it happens over many lifetimes.

Truth is wisdom that is made a part of the person. It comes from the inside, not from the outside via books and other teachers. Again I stress to beware of anything handed to you on a silver platter, because it is not truth.You may agree with it because you think it makes sense, but making sense is not enough. Many errors make sense. But if you experience it for yourself, then you know and it is internalized as being truth.

If I recognize wisdom in another person or book, it is only because I too have internalized that persons wisdom and made it my truth.

To me, our sole purpose here on this planet to learn truth. BUT. it is an individual’s journey, not a group journey. Those that think they already have the truth think they have it all figured out. I, on the other hand, know differently and I still have a long ways to go. But at least I am now on the right path to find this ever-elusive “truth”.

Religions provide a false light. Religions are the words of others that their adherents internalize as being truth. They are the words of others, and not the words of the adherents. That is the key.  This is what makes it a false light; because it comes from the outside and not from the inside of the person.

I recognized this false light that was provided to me. I then went out into the darkness to search for my own light. I was not afraid of this darkness. If you are afraid, then you still have work to do and you aren’t ready yet to go into this darkness to search for your own light.


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I decided to post this email for comments

I hope you read this email, because I don’t know who else I can share this story to.
My family would call me insane or crazy.
You can publish my story below, at your blog, but not my personal information.
Aaand.. forgive me if there’s any grammar and tense mistakes.. English is not my native language. 🙂
I’m myself very skeptical with my own story. I am a very logical person, not too religious, but not yet an atheis 🙂 More of an agnostic. But I want to hear from your perspective. I’m an open minded person.
I have once had an OBE experience where I crossed the street in front of my house. There was a house where inside there were two girls as far as I remember. I approached one of the girls, she has dark skin, and I started to grab her vagina (I was very horny).
Then she too grab my penis and both my nipples and at the same time her face get very close to my face and her eyes staring at me. I’m very horny but also a bit frightened that my experience be visible by anyone at my house. (Yes, I’m very aware that I’m dreaming)
I’m intending to meet her again, but I don’t have that chance again. I have several OBE experiences after that, but I can’t find her again. I ended up seeing myself no where far from my house.
And then lately, it seems like I have lost my ability to have OBE. Wait.. can I get it back? It was actually really awesome but sometimes a bit scary… but cool 😀 haha..
What do you think happened to me? Is she really a Succubus?
I have wonderful family, but my sex life has been limited because both of our works. We’re very busy, and I feel frustrated sexually. I don’t want to come to any prostitution since I have anxiety on many disease and I can’t enjoy masturbation anymore.
Thank you, I hope for your reply 🙂

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New blog

old soul ramblings

I just started it. If you liked this blog, please subscribe.

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