Piece on the Psychology of Russian Women

Piece on the Psychology of Russian Women

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Finally, I decided to write it.
All these days I was following the discussion that ensued in the previous post… and suddenly I realized something.
I always knew it, but now understood it very clearly.

The vast majority of men – maybe, about eighty percent – write that chicks need money, cars, fur coats and that women are mercantile and prudent …

But here is something I want to tell you, dear men. From my own experience and experience of my girl friends. The same eighty percent won’t bring a girl flowers on the date, won’t take her to a restaurant or even some budget cafe; they won’t spend even ten dollars on her. Instead, they will take her for a promenade in the cold autumn evening, without thinking that she is cold and walking in the heels is simply hard.

These men won’t be smart enough to take her for a dinner in some cozy restaurant, no … They won’t think even to treat her with a cup of coffee.

And if they are generous enough to buy her coffee – then they start thinking how she should pay back for this coffee with her body.
Preferably immediately.

And then, when she doesn’t want to go out for the second, similarly miserable date, these eighty percent will come to forums and complain that women are greedy and mercantile.

Tanya, my former client, told me once a story about the broken lock. She simply had to change it. She mentioned about it to her neighbor during the conversation… no, she didn’t even ask for his help – he himself insisted on a visit. Changing the lock (which, by the way, she bought herself) was a matter of five minutes.
In exchange Tanya fed him dinner. But then he wanted sex. And not just wanted, but with the words “Come on, you see, I fixed it for you…”
What a hero, huh?
And he was very surprised that she didn’t agree. Two days later Tanya learned from their mutual friend that she was a mercantile bitch whom he helped while she […]

Anya, my manicurist, told me about her first date with a guy she met on internet. Anya came from work – in the skirt, stylish jacket and high heels. It was autumn. Do you think he offered her a cup of coffee? No!
And he knew that she came right after her work.
For four hours, four hours in cold autumn, he was walking with her in the park with awful asphalt. For four hours he was spreading his “peacock tail” in front of her, telling how really cool he was and how he needed the true human relations; and that, if Anya was with him, he would take care of her and cherish her …
Anya told me that after four hours of his chatter and human “concern” in the cold park, she turned into an icicle with numb fingers and even couldn’t feel her feet.
But he didn’t take her even to the cheapest cafe, he was only feeding her with the fairy-tales about high relationships.

She finally broke down and ran away. Afterwards he called her two more times. Remembering the cold nightmare, Anya flatly refused to continue dating.
In their last conversation he said that, like everyone else, she is a “material bitch, who cares only about money,” and that “as soon as he mentioned the human relationship, she disappeared.”
And hung up.
Now, perhaps, he is wandering in Internet spreading the stories about the mercantile women.

What’s there to talk about, if the girl’s wish to have a cup of coffee for 100 rubles [ed: ~ $ 3] many of you consider to be mercantile?
You are not willing to spend those 100 rubles.
But if you do, then you start thinking – will she “give” or not? [ed: in Russian language the word “give” means the woman’s consent to sex]

I know loads of similar stories. In different variations. But the bottom line is always the same – you don’t want to show even the basic courting, but always want some quality bang!

And the majority of men, coming to visit a girl, will be almost empty-handed. In the best case, there will be a single rose and a dull chocolate. Few of you would think that instead of the useless chocolate, you could bring a piece of meat which eventually would be fed to you. Isn’t that true, men?
And few of you think that she was “breaking” her head thinking what to cook for you for the dinner. I know a lot of such stories, a lot.

Moreover, though very rarely, I happen to have some personal life. Sometimes I meet men who don’t know who I am. And I have met such hogs.
There are quite many of them, it turns out. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and not an exception.
A lot of those who are ready to “hike” with you, on high heels, on the asphalt with potholes, a lot of chatter-boxes trying to look successful, but who can’t even offer a cup of coffee.
There were also those who, after taking me somewhere, would suggest to split the bill (and I never setup anyone, I always offer a man to choose the dishes from the menu).
After splitting the bill they – as if this is how it should be – try to see what you’ve got in your pants.
And they are very surprised to be rejected.
Are you completely lost, or what? ..

Let’s go further.

Do you think that women don’t invest anything?
Come on and tell me now, tell me who of you wants to see next to him a girl with unkempt hair, regrown roots of dyed hair, flaky dry skin, half-eaten nails; in cheap Chinese jeans, rubber flip flops and cotton pants?
Maybe you should pay attention to them! I’m sure, that such girls will give you for free, just for the mere fact of your attention.

But no, you want the groomed and the cute ones. Pretty and nicely dressed babes. Despite the fact that the vast majority of you, men, immediately after hitting 30 look quite pale and ungroomed. This is a fact. Take a closer look in the streets.
Women at least try to look better.

And do you have any idea how much it costs a woman to be beautiful?
Can you imagine how much it takes a woman to get ready for a date?
Have you ever thought how much a normal female underwear costs? I even don’t mention the chic one – just some usual nice underwear? Believe me, it is much more expensive than your men’s underwear.
Have you ever checked the price of cosmetics? Do you know that any decent mascara costs thirty dollars and more?
How much does the vial of perfume cost? Shadows? Lipstick?
Rings? Bracelets?

You are shouting that women are mercantile, but none of you thought that the girl who looks good, has already invested in her beauty so much that you never dreamed of.
Ask, how much it costs to dye hair in the beauty salon. Ask! You’ll be shocked. But – if at least once a month she does not go to hairdresser, the head will be in a mess. But you want the beauty!
All of you want it!
Find out how much is the manicure. Which, by the way, should be done quite often.
How much is [going to] cosmetologist?
How much, damn them, the good stockings are?
Or at least the tights?

Do you know how much costs a normal night cream? Yes, yes, the one from which the skin is velvet soft.
Tonic? Face mask? How much is a good shampoo, after which the hair is really shiny?
Do you have any idea how much actually, any more or less well-groomed girl must invest in this beauty?

And don’t tell me you don’t care how she looks, it’s bullshit! I remember what I was wearing when I had no money, and I remember how men looked at me.
Now I am still the same person who simply looks differently. But men look at me in a different way.
And I have something to compare.

You always want the best, don’t you? So tell me – why the women, who want something good (just like you) – are called materialistic bitches?

Why would she, a pretty girl who has already invested a lot of money and effort [in herself], suddenly give herself to some loser who is even unable to take her to cinema, but is very much able to complain about women’s materialism?
[Should she do it] to raise their self-esteem? What has he done to earn something for his self-esteem?

So, here you are! First give her something and only after that open your mouth!
Do you give much? Can you offer something, eh?
Are many of you able to provide? Are you, boys?
Come on, let’s finally face the truth.
Are many of you able to help your woman, when she needs it? Can many of you provide for the whole family alone?
Yeah, of course! Really, haha!
This is why majority of our women work. Because most of men are not able to feed the family by themselves alone.
How should we give birth from you?

We are mercantile, you say? No, it is not mercantilism! This is a normal instinct  – to evaluate a man by his abilities. Because this man might potentially become the father of her children, and he will have to provide them. Have to.
And in the end, the main function of male is to be strong, to earn and to be able to defend. Not just in words.

But seeing another idiot who only tells the tales, you know that woman can’t even be pregnant from him, because he is neither able to feed her nor the baby while she is on maternity leave.

Let’s proceed…

Shall we talk about sex?
Do you want from woman a casual bang without obligations and think that they should give you simply like that? Sex for the sake of sex?
And why is that?

You want to score for free without giving anything in exchange? I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about other things.
You offer sex without commitments which must be supposedly fun?! Wake up, boys!
You almost always come, while women DON’T!
And with most of you it’s actually impossible to come or to have that fun.
Because, generally speaking, it’s difficult for women to have fun with total strangers.
This is how we are made.
And also because many of you, as lovers, are total crap not able of anything worthy.

You hold yourselves for good lovers, and sincerely think that all of you are in demand – including the poor, penniless and most importantly, those who have no idea about a little courting?
So I’ll tell you something, boys, because now I am steaming.

The truth is that in bed eighty percent of men are dull shit.
And tell me, tell me that you don’t have to satisfy me!
Nooo! It’s not even about that! Eighty percent of you in bed are absolute l-o-s-e-r-s. Trust my great experience.
Mine and of those girls who don’t do what I do but live a normal life. We talk about many things.
And in the company of girls we say, believe me, not the same things as we say to you. We simply care for your feelings.
But we shouldn’t. I have read those forums and realized that we shouldn’t.

You – with your little dicks and worthless technique – you lose the rhythm after five movements, you lose erection and come after three frictions, catching your breath, and capable of very little! Not even of normal foreplay. Weak sucking of a tit is not a foreplay, no.
There are very few good fuckers among males! I could count them on fingers of one hand!

What pleasure? What are you talking about? You should think first if many of you can actually give that pleasure. No.

You love so much this juicy definition – “SC” (stupid cunt).
You know what? I will tell you something, cause I have seen and heard enough: many of you, dear men, are so plain… plain and stupid. When someone is stupid – you can see it at once.

Just “SD” [stupid dick]. Or simply “S”.
Because even normal dicks many of you don’t have.


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